My Story


For most of my life I was blessed with good health and was happy with all that Western medicine had to offer. But in 2005 I was diagnosed with gastroparesis, a very painful, uncomfortable  digestive disorder.  It was debilitating and pretty scary.  All that my specialist could offer me was a single medication that might reduce the symptoms, but which created side effects that could be worse.  They also suggested that if I was not careful with my diet, I might have to eat pureed food for the rest of my life.  The basic message was that there was nothing to be done and I needed to learn to live with it.

​As it began to seriously affect my quality of life, I began to realize I had to reach beyond Western medicine to find some relief.  Someone suggested I try a homeopathic remedy, and although I knew nothing about it, I suddenly was an open book to new ideas.  I was lucky in that I quickly experienced relief; it did not take long before my symptoms were completely gone!  Within a week I was feeling like my old self, and I knew that my approach to my own healthcare would never be the same.

I became a Reiki practitioner to help my Mom with her back pain and was amazed at the powerful results of energy work.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.  I kept exploring until I found Eden Energy Medicine and knew this was where my gifts and talents were meant to flourish.

I am an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, after completing, after 4 years of study and clinical work.   I continue to explore and expand my healing modalities to include color therapy, essential oils, sound healing and crystals.   Western Medicine is a very powerful tool in managing our health, but it only goes so far. This work gives me the tools to help others when they too are looking for additional support.

Prior to practicing energy work, I spent my time creating beautiful and vibrant mosaics which were sold in galleries around the Southwest (  I’ve raised 4 delightful kids, and bring this creative and “nurturing mother” energy to all of my clients.  I have been blessed to be supported by my wonderful husband who is always willing to relax on my massage table so that I can try out new techniques!

I am available for group talks to share this powerful work.