What is Energy Medicine?

​The simplest, safest, oldest and most natural way to feel better


Albert Einstein taught us that everything in the universe is made up of energy, including every cell in our body.  We are a latticework of energies and these work together to keep our heart pumping, our food digesting and every other system in our body functioning well.

 ​When we experience a blockage in our energy, it may show up as an ache, pain, illness etc.  Energy Medicine is a simple way to to get these energies flowing and balanced.  By doing so, it can increase your vitality, enhance your health, boost your joy and send healing to the areas of your body that need special attention.

Energy Medicine is an excellent complement to western medicine, or it can be used as a stand alone system of preventative health care.  It is safe, natural and has no undesirable side effects.  Best of all, it allows people to connect with their own “inner healer” so they can  become proactive about their health and wellness.


Donna Eden, David Feinstein and me!

Eden Energy Medicine is based on the methods taught by Donna Eden, a renowned healer who has been teaching people how to engage their own energies for greater health and vitality for the last 40 plus years. She has identified nine energy systems in our body, to include chakras, meridians, and the aura, to name a few.  These have been used in healing for thousands of years by different cultures around the globe. These systems all work together in a coordinated  way to support our bodies in the best way possible.  She has created a comprehensive framework for using and teaching this modality that many consider to be the gold standard in alternative medicine modalities.  I am so grateful to have completed all four years of this training and have earned the designation of  Advanced Practitioner.